Bureau de Change System

Product Summary

Customized software package for bureau de change, to enable better tracking of information flow.  The enormous volume of transactions generates inefficiency and disorganization. Thus it is quite difficult to keep all the relevant data in a systematic manner and to retrieve the data whenever required.  Thus to solve the problem of manual record keeping procedure that take a lot of time and the nature of the manual work is tedious as the potential for errors is great, user-friendly software is made by VVSD.

Version 8.2

The advantage of Customized software over Off-the-shelf Software is that you have to adjust yourself with Off-the-shelf package as you cannot customize it any further where Customized software is made as per your specification thus the software adjusts to your requirements.

The Software meets all the requirements of Bank Of Tanzania (BOT) and is specifically designed for Bureau de Change of Tanzania. It is also compatible with Fiscal Devices approved by TRA and BOT to be used in Bureau de Change

Customized Bureau de Change Software is divided in following modules:

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Important Features

  1. Electronic Receipt with Time Stamp accoring to BOT Standards.
  2. BOT Reports as per BOT Standards
  3. Inventory Control
  4. Accounts with Financial Report



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