Payroll Package

Product Summary

Customized software package for Payroll, to enable better tracking of Employee information and their Payroll details.  The enormous volume of transactions generates inefficiency and disorganization. Thus it is quite difficult to keep all the relevant data in a systematic manner and to retrieve the data whenever required.  Thus to solve the problem of duplication of data entry that take a lot of time and resources which is tedious and the potential for errors is great, user-friendly software will be developed made by VVSD.

Version 2015


Important Features

  1. Payroll Processing as per Tanzania Law.
  2. Keeping information about Employee.
  3. Processing Payroll Hour, Day, Week and Month Wise.
  4. Mid-Month Processing Facility.
  5. Multi Language Pay-slip.
  6. Keeping track of Employee Loans.
  7. Generation of Reports for Submission at TRA, NSSF or NPF.



“To exceed our 'clients' expectations, and to be acknowledged in the market place for the quality of service we provide.”