Sales and Inventory Management System (POS)

Product Summary
Customized software package for Sales and Inventory, to enable better tracking of Sales information and Inventory flow. The enormous volume of transactions generates inefficiency and disorganization. Thus it is quite difficult to keep all the relevant data in a systematic manner and to retrieve the data whenever required. Thus to solve the problem of duplication of data entry that take a lot of time and resources which is tedious and the potential for errors is great, user-friendly software will be developed made by VVSD.
Version 6
The advantage of Customized software over Off-the-shelf Software is that you have to adjust yourself with Off-the-shelf package as you cannot customize it any further where Customized software is made as per your specification thus the software adjusts to your requirements.

Customized Sales and Inventory Software is divided in following modules:


 Product Master
  - Product Name
  - Base Unit of Measurement (UOM)
  - Packing by specifying other UOM’s
  - VAT %
  - Price per Base UOM
  - Reorder Level
  - Pricelist Attachment
  - Reports
     Product List
 Supplier Master
  - Supplier Name
  - Supplier Address
  - Supplier Detail
  - Reports
     Supplier List
 Customer Master
  - Customer Name
  - Customer Address
  - Customer Credit Limit
  - Reports
     Customer List
 Location (Stores) Master
  - Location Name
  - Location Description
 Price List
  - Sales Price List
  - Purchase Price List
 UOM Master (Unit OF Measurement)
  - UOM Name
  - UOM Description


  - Sales Order.
  - Invoices.
  - Sales Return.
  - Zero Value Invoices (Promotion).
  - Cash Sales.
  - Van Sales.
     Loading (transfer to Van)
     Offloading (Transfer From Van)
     Van Cash Sale (Manual Numbering)
  - Reports.
     Sales Product Wise
     Sales Location Wise
     Total Sales
     Sales Supplier Location Wise


  - Stock grouping.
     Supplier Wise
     Brand Wise
     SKU wise
  - Internal Stock Transfer (Within Branch).
  - Stock Transfer In (Receive From HO).
  - Stock Transfer Out (Sending back to HO).

The Stock will be maintained Batch Wise in-order to track the Expiry of Products.

All the Documents which handle stock movement needs batch to be specified for each and every product during punching starting from GRN, Transfers, Sales, Promotion..

  - Reports.
  - Stock Ledger (Bin Card).
  - Stock Status Report.
  - Reorder Level Report.
  - Stock Transfer Report.
  - Expiry Report.


Important Features
- Keeping Track of Sales.
- Keeping Track of Inventory.
- Multi UOM (Unit Of Measurement) Facility.
- Multi Store Management Availability.
- Various Reports on Sales and Inventory helping Management to take fast decisions and run business effectively.

VVSD To exceed our 'clients' expectations, and to be acknowledged in the market place for the quality of service we provide.